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Bluetooth Instructions

Cobalt 246 and Ebbtide 2100

These boats include a bluetooth FM transmitter that looks like a car charger. 

1. Plug BT transmitter into 12v outlet

2. Search for C57 on your phone and pair

3. Tune radio in boat to 88.5 FM

4. If music is not playing on 88.5 hold down the center button with the phone symbol until the radio frequency starts flashing and then use the arrows to change the station back to 88.5

Cobalt 226


1. Push source on radio controls at helm until you are on Aux on head unit

2. Pair your device to TranzIt Blu

Mastercraft NXT22


1. Adjust to BT

2. Hold down volume until it says pairing

3. Pair to KMC1SU

Crestliner Tritoon


1. Stereo dash switch ON

2. Push red Power Button

3. Press mode until you get to BT MUSIC

4. While it's flashing pair to MB QUART on your phone

Bennington Pontoon


1. Accessory switch on dash is ON

2. Press Power/Home to display Home Screen

3. Turn Volume knob until you get to BT Audio, then press the knob to select

4. Pair to KD-X56 and use PIN 0000 if needed

Sunchaser Pontoon


1. Press Mode until you get to Bluetooth

2. Pair to Dual Media Player

3. Passcode is 1234

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