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Kiteboarding at Lake Tahoe is some of the most beautiful and challenging kiting anywhere. We have predictable afternoon wind throughout the summer, but conditions tend to be quite light and gusty, so please call ahead to check conditions before booking.


Let us know if you are interested in lessons and we can line you up with some great, local instructors!


Kites are available for rent to experienced kiters only! Provide proof of IKO level 3 certification at a minimum.

Naish Pivot Kite & Bar  $125 per day

Twin Tip or Surf Board $25 per day

Multi-day packages save 20%



Our rental policy is as follows:


  • Customers pay NEW REPLACEMENT VALUE for replacement of any equipment damaged or lost, under any circumstances, while in your possession. 


  • There is NO WARRANTY on any rental equipment, under any circumstances. Customers use their own due diligence to NOT accept previously damaged equipment, as CUSTOMERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY AND ALL REPAIR AND/OR REPLACEMENT COSTS.


  • Customers will be charged for any days the equipment is in their possession, regardless of conditions. All rentals are paid in full in advance. CREDIT WILL ONLY BE GIVEN IF GEAR IS RETURNED.

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